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  • Iced Tea Time!

    ICED TEA – YES, YES, YES It’s the iced tea season, finally. Of course, I think it’s always iced tea season. I was raised with the bad habit of cold drinks (pop/soda) I have had a hard time switching to tea until I learned to love the iced version. I must make a confession here. […]

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      Well, hello again. Let’s continue on our journey to brew a great pot of tea by elaborating on the little beasties: BITTER TANNINS. Yes, Bitter Tannins can ruin your day. Well, at least your pot of tea. Tannins are polyphenols, compounds that are present in plant foods and are more prevalent in darker colored […]

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  • It’s Lorrie

      Hello everyone. Yes, I’m back….by popular demand. Really! So many of you have suggested I start a blog, and continue to share my knowledge of tea with you. Well, you know me – I love to talk and I love to share. And to tell the truth – I’ve missed you! So here we […]

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