It’s Lorrie



Hello everyone. Yes, I’m back….by popular demand. Really! So many of you have suggested I start a blog, and continue to share my knowledge of tea with you. Well, you know me – I love to talk and I love to share. And to tell the truth – I’ve missed you! So here we go.



White or Yellow Teas*: 2-1/2 minutes brew time at 160 degrees
Green & Oolong Teas*: Maximum 3 minutes brew time at 180 degrees
Black, Pu-erh Teas*: 3-4 minutes brew time at 209 degrees
Rooibos: 5-7 minutes brew time at 209 degrees
Herbal, fruit tisanes: 7-10 minutes brew time at 208 degrees

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WE DON’T WANT ANY STINKIN’ BITTER TANNINS: So, cool it. Your water, that is, for brewing at proper temperatures. It’s really easy – Boiling water is at 212 degrees and too hot for most teas from the camellia sinensis plant. Most black teas can usually handle a higher temperature and brewing time, but some are just as touchy as green or white and need special handling.

Special handling for Green, White, Oolong & Yellow Teas: I suggest a lower temperature water and/or less brewing time. My method is to pour the boiling water into the pot and put a timer (stove, microwave, cell phone app, tea timer or just a plain old clock) for two minutes BEFORE adding the tea. This allows the water to cool a bit before brewing. NOW start the time of the tea brewing. That’s all there’s to it. It will make all the difference in the world, the tea world that is.

Teas that do not contain the camellia sinensis plant (herbal, rooibos, fruit teas) do not need to be monitored this way. Upcoming blogs will deal with types of teas and more about tannins (the little beasties).

So – Moral Of The Tea Story Today: Cool your jets, I mean, your water before brewing so NO MORE TANNINS. Always, always, always cool your water for oolong, green, & white teas. I compare it to applying sunscreen before going out in the hot sun. Cool the water before sacrificing those tender tea leaves to the scorching hot water.

*Camellia sinensis plant

We finally have our new online tea store ready for you to order great tea. Still improving the online tea shop, but that will be an ongoing process, right? Wanted to get this up and running for you to order and enjoy our teas once again.

SALE TEAS: When we closed the retail store in downtown Antioch, we had some of tea left and good news to you. Some of you already know about this and have been emailing me already with orders. Some small amounts of a few flavors are still available for sale prices. The sizes and prices vary, so just click on the following .pdf to view what’s still left in Mother Ferguson’s Cupboard. But act fast as these will be going quick. You can only get these through Feedback is welcomed.